Sometimes you might find yourself with an idea for a new product, new business or just a different way of doing things but you don’t know where to start on implementation or you just don’t have the time to flesh the project out enough to take action. We can help you with the right advice, do the research you need or identify the right experts to help you turn your idea into profits.

Growth Business Program


If you’ve really got a passion to grow the size and profitability of your business this is the program for you.  Not for the feint hearted, our growth business program starts at the fundamentals of all successful businesses and steps your business through every aspect to target serious business growth. We then work through your operation, your financials, your personnel, your own goals and every other aspect of your situation that may help or hinder your business in growing.  This is an intensive program that requires real commitment but if you’re ready to grow we’re ready to help you every step of the way.


Succession planning


What’s the future look like for you and your business?  When you’re spending your time enjoying a well earned retirement will your business still be running?  Will a family member take over or will you sell to someone else?  Is a sale even possible or are you literally indispensable?  To put your business in the best possible situation for your exit you should start planning for it at least three years before you want to depart.  Our succession planning service looks at every aspect of your business to ensure a sale is achievable and your business is attractive to potential new owners.




We draw on data that is compiled from literally thousands of businesses across Australia.  By benchmarking your business against other businesses, both inside and outside your industry, we can identify issues where you can improve performance and profits.

Debt management


Debt management involves more than just scraping by with your payments each month.  It seems contradictory but the successful management of debt has helped many of the world’s most successful business people achieve outstanding results.  But you need to manage your debt, not have it manage you.  We work with you to set clear expectations around decreasing, or increasing, debt, when it will be repaid, how much is needed periodically and when you might reach a debt free status.


Business valuation


Dreaming of a business sale funded retirement but don’t know what that retirement lifestyle might look like?  Understanding the value of your business if it was sold right now is critical information for future business planning and your personal financial goals.  If you’re in a growth phase the value may not be as important but if you’re growing to on-sell for profit or you’re looking towards retirement you need to know the true value of your business.  We can also work with you on strategies to improve the saleability of your business.


Wealth creation monitoring

Are you taking the right steps towards building your ideal lifestyle? Our wealth creation monitoring service identifies desired income levels and personal financial needs and works back to give you the personal actions you’ll need to undertake to achieve them. We then monitor the progress and provide advice on any corrective actions needed to get on track. We can work closely with your financial planner on the investment side of your wealth creation or recommend a financial planner for you to consult.


Financial management meetings


Outstanding business performers don’t wait till the end of the year to work out how well they’ve done.  They monitor, refine, refocus and seek new opportunities continually.  It’s not easy, but that’s why we’re here to help.  We work with you to monitor the financial progress of your business against the targets we’ve set together and identify the areas of focus for the coming month or quarter.  But this isn’t just a “you can do better” report card.  We help you develop the solutions to get the business back on track or to continue to achieve your best possible results.

1 page business plan

The name’s on the box!


It’s as simple as it sounds but far more powerful than you can imagine. We work with you to set and review your business plan for each year. This is one page that can dramatically improve the future of your business and the lifestyle you want to achieve.


Dream it. Plan it. Get it! Meeting


This is probably your most important meeting of the year with us.  Together we set goals, both personal and business, and develop solutions and strategies to achieve these goals.  This isn’t just about business planning.  This is about understanding were YOU want to be and how we’re going to work together to get you there.  When combined with attending a Global Business Camp with us your annual planning meeting is where we really lay out your roadmap to success.


Tax planning


Nothing may be as certain as death and taxes but that doesn’t mean you should sit around waiting for either to just happen to you!  We can’t help with the first one but we sure put a lot of effort into making sure you pay as little tax as legally possible.  We attack the problem from every angle and every opportunity.  Day to day business operations are a start but we also look at structuring for better tax results and other strategies to keep your money in your pocket.




We start by working with you to set your desired cash/profit result for the coming year.  Once we’ve worked with you to set key goals those goals you need the right financial information and reporting to understand what you need to do day to day to meet those goals.  We give you the metrics you need to reach to achieve your desired profit level.  These are unique to each business and personalised to your own profit drivers.


High end tax administration


We manage your income tax payments meaning you pay the right amount of tax so there are no surprise bills.  We make sure you don’t pay too little throughout the year and get a nasty surprise which impacts you all at once.  We also make sure you don’t pay too much and have to wait around for a refund.  That money could have been working for your throughout the year!  We work out the quarterly profits and tax bills for you because smart businesses manage their tax, they don’t let their tax manage them!


Bookkeeping review


Better bookkeeping makes for better financial management.  We will review your bookkeeping and make improvements to allow better data entry, better reporting and better analysis.  Without the right coding and the right accounts your bookkeeping will hold back, not enhance, your business and business decisions.  We set up your books for management purposes not just for tax purposes and regular review how they are working for you.


Compliance matters


We lodge all your Business Activity Statements, income tax returns and ASIC documents for you.  This ensures no deadline is missed, takes the stress off your shoulders and in some cases can give you up to an extra 4 weeks to pay the bill.  That’s going to help you manage your cashflow in the business and improve profits.