CFO Now was created by respected accountant and business strategist Justin Searle to address a pressing need.  Genuine, expert, Chief Financial Officer level advice and support for businesses of all sizes.


Whether you have an existing bookkeeper, accountant or financial planning our CFO Now service can add value to your bottom line - by looking at your financial situation from the highest level.


Don't go it alone when it comes to making tough financial decisions, working out the right choice for how you manage your cashflow or the future direction of your business. 


Engage a CFO Now consultant to get you on the path to a successful business...and just as importantly...help keep you on the right path, with the right advice.

Justin Searle
Founder and Principal

Justin is the founding director and driving force behind CFO Now and the Clear Vision Accountancy Group.  For more than 20 years he has refined his approach to the business of accountancy so he can offer his clients much more than just the numbers.


Justin is passionate about helping his client’s succeed and brings a modern, proactive approach to business planning, management consulting and advising his clients on all aspects of their tax and financial future.


While renowned for his relaxed style and personable approach Justin brings a focus and clarity of thought that has improved the bottom line of many businesses throughout Toowoomba and the Darling Downs.

A natural communicator, Justin regularly conducts seminars, writes blog posts and articles on a wide range of topics designed to benefit his clients.


One of Toowoomba’s most dedicated amateur golfers, Justin is a regular on the city’s fairways and often enjoys a round with clients and business associates.  Giving him the opportunity to combine his passion for golf with his passion for helping his client’s grow successful businesses.


Collaboration with other professionals is a feature of his approach having developed strong relationships with many of Toowoomba’s leading lawyers, bankers, financial planners and other advisors.  The strength of these relationships pay dividends for CFO Now client’s as they benefit from a co-ordinated approach by their various advisors.


Justin is a Certified Practising Accountant.