Case Study: 1 Page Business Plan

We all know we should be doing a business plan. 


We all feel like that 30 page document of detail is a daunting task and who is going to read it anyway?

Reality is, we all should be planning in our business – from the strategic level to the daily tasks necessary to steer the business into the right direction and achieve our end goals.  Yet 99% of businesses don’t have any planning - why?

The main reason I believe is most business people are great at what they do whether it’s building, driving, filling teeth but most people don’t know where to start.

So, I’ve taken some tools (with permission) from Verne Harnish – world renowned business growth strategist, research and developed some more skills to be able to complete a 1 page business plan.


So what’s the difference?

A 30 page business plan can be prepared, in detail, lots of market research and once completed will sit nicely holding the bottom drawer in place.  It doesn’t become a workable document on a monthly or weekly basis used to keep the captain focused and steering the business to the end result.

A 1 page business plan is designed to have the key goals, visions, targets (BHAG), key performance measures and actions all on 1 page.  This page gets put up in a place the business owner sees every day.  Sometimes it needs to be in several spots.  As a focused business owner, when you walk past this document, you will glance and linger and this will remain part of your focus more often on the end goal – the BHAG (big hairy audacious goal).

Don’t get me wrong – the market research and detail is critical.  But we don’t need to lose sight of the trees for the woods.
If you are interested in setting up a 1 page business plan, please contact me. 


I’ll email you the Verne Harnish template and we can discuss how CFO Now can help you get your 1 page business plan started and finished and on your wall.