Monthly Tax Challenge

We understand no-one likes to pay tax. We also know income tax is most likely the largest expense for a business – so why not manage it.  And I said manage.  Starting this month take control and responsibility for your own taxation management. 


Here’s a list of actions you should take this month:

1.    What was your net profit last month?
2.    What was estimated profit for end of the financial year?
3.    What actions will you take to minimise your income tax?


Now if you don’t know the answer to these questions now is the time to find out.  You have 2 options:

Option 1


  1. Work through your numbers via your bookkeeping software.

  2. Ask yourself, am I happy with that.

  3. If that is yes, Monthly Challenge completed.

  4. Send me a note (email) with your results.

Option 2


  1. Contact me to arrange an appointment to have your tax planning review completed.

  2. Be in control of your tax management.

  3. For those more advanced in taxation management in their business, consider upgrading your taxation management package to understand:-

  • How your taxation management impacts on your banking requirements.

  • What the options are available to you for your taxation management.

  • What the impact on your plans and goals will be on your taxation management. 


Here’s your ultimate challenge – take some action today and choose an option and get in control of one of your largest expense items.